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Great session today – I am ready:-)

katrina klein

I am not able to sign in & as this is a first, I want help to access my program. Thanks Katrina Klein

julius d. wynn

any thing else to study or observe before tomorrow @1100 am sesion


Where is the link to the 5 pillars?
I have Ben waiting 2 weeks foes it. Tomy Knox said it was her but it is not

Jeff M

Please let me know how often, for how long and how many times I can listen to each session. There are times that I may not be able to get to it right away. Thanks

Liz Washington

I enjoyed the first seesion, will use earplugs next time and do this by myself.


Tellman? You out there? How do I meet you? I've had crap luck with every other system out there, I have the potential and REALLY want to be certified as I believe I'd be perfect for hypnotherapy, especially with my passion for human potential and what I've learned so far. You should get in contact with me, I believe my email is displayed next to my comment. 10-15 minutes should be enough, I want time with my loved ones like you have and to be able to do everything and be everything they need. I'm about to be 28 and have started my own business and am trying to do more. I'm about to be living in my car and will do so to keep my goals alive and abandon them. But I'd rather create and recognize the opportunities that would stay such a fate and allow me to reach out and REALLY help people, because if you're doing what you love, the success follows and extinguishes the strife right? I haven't given up on that. And I won't. I can't. Hell, I'll take 5 minutes while you're on the John man, but at any rate, thanks for reaching out to us that don't have much, to give us something to reach for, to aspire to. I'll give it a serious chance and do as you instruct. Look forward to possibly hearing from you.

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